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Introduction to the Quran & Islam:

  1. BulletSurah Fatiha.       Audio  Text

  2. BulletSurah Rahman.    Audio  Text    

  3. BulletIntroduction from Marmduke Pickthall’s Classic English rendition of the meaning of the Quran

Download Essays:

  1. BulletThe Dream That Failed

  2. BulletSeven Letters To My RSS Friend

  3. (Written in the aftermath to the Gugrat riots in 2002)

  4. Letter 1    Letter 2    Letter 3    Letter 4    Letter 5    Letter 6    Letter 7

  5. BulletHistory: Theory Philosophy Wisdom

  6. (Published in the Journal; Man and Society, 1983)

Download Articles:

  1. BulletHistorical Perspective And Unreason In Politics

  2. BulletInter-religious Marriage: Some Objections Examined

  3. BulletTowards A Humanist Approach To History
    (Published in the Journal; Man and Society, 1983)

Download Lectures:

  1. BulletThe Concept And Role Of Tolerance In Indian Culture



(Presented at the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library, Patna).

  1. Bullet1. The Concept of the Islamic Economic System (1986)

  2. Bullet2.  Democracy And Islam (1987)

  3. Bullet3.  Tolerance and Islam (1988)

Download Books:

  1. BulletFive Approaches To Philosophy  (Print Version)

Download Excerpts from latest book:

  1. BulletLiving The Quran In Our Times
    Introduction    Chapter 1    Epilogue    Selected Passages

  2. BulletThe Call Of Modernity And Islam
    Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Selected Passages

  3. BulletEssays On Cultural Pluralism
    Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 8    Selected Passages

  4. BulletThe Vision Of An Unknown Indian
    Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 3    Selected Passages

  5. BulletFive Approaches To Philosophy
    Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 4    Selected Passages

  6. BulletQuest For Islam
    Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 6    Selected Passages

  7. BulletAuthenticity And Islamic Liberalism
    Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 4    Selected Passages

Download e-Books:

  1. BulletFive Approaches To Philosophy                 EPUB    Kindle

  2. BulletQuest For Islam                                          EPUB    Kindle                            

  3. BulletAuthenticity And Islamic Liberalism            EPUB    Kindle

Download Audio Books:

  1. BulletThe Call Of Modernity And Islam

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Thank you for taking an interest in my works.

God has blessed me with time, peaceful space and the resources to worship Him by way of reflecting philosophically upon His Creation and the Message He has conveyed to His creation, through His messenger-Muhammad, upon whom be peace.

I want to stimulate authentic communication and dialog between genuine seekers of truth, on the real issues facing mankind in general and the Muslim Ummah in particular. That is why I write and that is why this website has been created.

I cannot afford to distribute free printed copies of my works. But it is my privilege, and indeed my pleasure, to be able to offer free downloads of some of my published work.

Let the prayerful reading and thinking begin in the name of God. The Beneficent. The Merciful.


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