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A Philosopher’s Approach To Religion In The Age Of Science And Cultural Pluralism

It is quite common for learned scholars and laymen alike to raise the question, ‘What is Islam?’ and answer it with a sense of assurance and certainty, as if their answer is the only conceivable one. Such persons hardly suspect that this simplicity is superficial. The reason is that Islam is neither a logico-mathematical or scientific concept that could be unambiguously defined, nor a physical object like a chair or table, or a biological organism like a horse or a cow whose properties could be catalogued or described without any room for controversy. The question ‘what is Islam?’ is very close to the question ‘What is justice?’ 


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A Discerning Philosopher Philosophizes About The Philosophy Of Philosophy With Wisdom and Clarity

The point of departure of this study is the view that the problem of the nature of philosophy and philosophical disagreement is not a preliminary inquiry but rather the central query of 20th century thoughts. The author critically examines five broad approaches to philosophy: the religious, the metaphysical, the cultural, the analytical and the existentialist. 


A Mature Vision Of Islamic Liberalism Grounded In The Quran

Authenticity and Islamic Liberalism is a collection of four original and highly stimulating papers on the liberal existentialist approach to religion with special reference to Islam in India. Each paper deals with an Independent theme; yet, a consistent analytical existentialist approach makes them a well-orchestrated and balanced exposition of what may best be called “Islamic Liberalism”.


Past Books By Jamal Khwaja

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