Revised & Updated Edition
Authenticity And Islamic Liberalism

A Mature Vision Of Islamic Liberalism Grounded In The Quran

"Authenticity and Islamic Liberalism" is a collection of four original and highly stimulating papers on the liberal existentialist approach to religion with special reference to Islam in India. Each paper deals with an independent theme; yet, a consistent analytical existentialist approach makes them a well-orchestrated and balanced exposition of what may best be called "Islamic Liberalism".

In the first essay the author pleads for adopting a fresh approach, devoid of the conceptual gloss of a long and hallowed tradition, to the study of the Quran: the original and everlasting source of the Islamic faith.

The second essay discusses the classical problem of the conflict between faith and reason in an extremely fresh way in the light of authenticity, which is the pivotal idea in contemporary existentialism.

The third essay deals with the basic issue of the proper function and jurisdiction of religion in human life as a whole. The author holds that this matter has become highly politicized in the Muslim world, when, in fact, it merits the most dispassionate analysis.

The last essay gives a working definition of Islamic liberalism and traces its career in India from the thirteenth century up to date.

The Two Supplemental Essays included in this new edition provide additional insights and food for thought.

The philosophical acumen of the author of Quest for Islam, the valuable factual information and the lucid style of the present work makes it indispensable reading not only for all Muslim intellectuals and other serious students of religion, but also for public and professional men who function in plural societies of the modern age... Read More >>

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Authenticity And Islamic Liberalism

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