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A mature vision of how Muslims can revitalize their faith, while being faithful to God and His messenger

In the past, authentic Muslims, including the closest Companions of the Prophet, often differed sharply in their political and social beliefs. In our times the challenges posed by modernity have made such differences especially toxic. In this work, the Author clarifies the core teachings of  perennial Islam and their continuing relevance to our daily lives.


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My Journey To Interfaith Spirituality 

“In this book I have recounted important facets of the story of my mental and spiritual growth. It is a story of how, a relatively dogmatic model of Islam developed into the paradigm that I now accept.

My intellectual journey has taken me from an honest acceptance that Muslims alone will win salvation to an equally honest acceptance of the beauty and validity of inter-faith spirituality...”  


A Muslim’s Journey Into The 21st Century

The Call Of Modernity And Islam is a timely and welcome anthology of ten scholarly essay that focus creatively on the urgent need to re-energize Islamic culture and institutions.

The essays span an enormous disciplinary range. Professor Khwaja moves back and forth with consummates ease between religion, science, philosophy, history, and the social sciences to paint a fully integrated, big picture of the encounter between Islam and modernity.    


Latest Books By Jamal Khwaja

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A Philosophical Framework For Authentic Interfaith Dialogue

Ours are times when religion is systematically being used: unconsciously by some and deliberately by others, in the service of politics and personal gain, rather than spirituality. However, perceptive and honest minds among all religious communities view different religions as diverse “languages of the spirit”, each valid and nourishing in its own way.


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