1) Living The Qur’an In Our Times

In a world where powerful lobbies are vilifying the Qur’an as the underlying cause of conflicts—conflicts that are actually rooted in greed and the self-serving secular politics of oil, occupation and social injustice—how can non-Muslims discover the authentic teachings of the Qur’an? How can they work with Muslims to overcome mutual suspicions, stereotyping, and self-serving propaganda? A starting point is would be to recognize that Muslims worldwide are engaged in diverse and robust internal debates.

While it is an integral part of the Islamic faith that the Qur’an is the infallible “Word of God,” the plain fact is that there is significant disagreement among the faithful over what the revealed texts mean or imply on a host of issues. In Living the Qur’an in Our Times, the author combines theological insight and philosophical erudition to delve into the semantics of the Qur’an and its vision. This work explains why traditional religion has failed to respond adequately to challenges posed by modernity. It strives to recognize the intimate connection between a Muslim’s struggle to live the Qur’an authentically and the many ethical and moral dilemmas one faces daily in one’s life.

Enlightening for all those who are unfamiliar with Islamic history and the Qur’an, this book explores foundational Islamic principles that emphasize mutual respect and cooperation among all people, thus helping cultivate a vibrant Islamic identity in today’s interdependent, multicultural global environment.

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Living The Quran In Our Times
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I found, it most interesting and informative and very clearly expressed. Prof. C.D. Broad, University of Cambridge.

Praise For The Works Of Jamal Khwaja


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His (Mr. Khwaja’s) is the most systematic and perhaps pioneering attempt to see Islam in the modern light. Asghar Ali Engineer.

Here is a book written with a notable lucidity, characterized by wisdom and tolerance, and remarkable for the range and comprehensiveness of its survey. Prof. I.T. Ramsey, University of Oxford.

The book is… an effort much outside the beaten orbit, born of a vision which aims not at regeneration but at resurrection. Mr. Khwaja’s success cannot be overstated. Amrita Bazar Patrika. 

I congratulate you on its excellent content and clarity of exposition. Prof. John Wisdom, University of Cambridge.                       

Khwaja has made weighty contribution to the debate on the reconstruction of Islam. Khwaja’s Quest for Islam is the approach of a philosopher… which laudably take into account the widened scope and sharpened tools of contemporary (admittedly, mainly British) scholarship. Prof. Christian W. Troll.

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