2) The Call of Modernity And Islam

A Muslim’s Journey Into The 21st Century

The Call Of Modernity And Islam is a timely and welcome anthology of ten scholarly essays that focus creatively on the urgent need to re-energize Islamic culture and institutions.

The essays span an enormous disciplinary range. Professor Khwaja moves back and forth with consummate ease between religion, science, philosophy, history, and the social sciences to paint a fully integrated, big picture of the encounter between Islam and modernity.

In this work he applies the intellectual insights of authentic Islamic liberalism (explained fully in his other books) to the urgent task of developing the robust institutions and cultural norms that will enable Muslims to survive, compete and thrive in today’s milieu. The result is a nuanced and insightful examination of perplexing questions such as:

* How can Islamic civilization regain its socio-political vitality and once again become a role model for humanity?

* How can Muslims living in secular democracies practice true Islam? What can they accept? What must they reject?

* How can Muslims explain their religion to Westerners in an idiom they understand?

These questions hardly mattered to the classical Muslim divines who operated at a time when Islamic civilization was dominant. But that was than. Today, in the age of science and pluralism, it is Western paradigms that set the tone. This is the defining reality and dilemma for Muslims of all stripes.

The Author proposes a sensible intellectual framework that shows how the much sought after renaissance of the Islamic world can be achieved. His courage to make a new beginning is rooted in deeply held beliefs about the merciful guidance of God, the absolute veracity of the Quran and the authenticity of His messenger Muhammad.

The Author does not shy away from controversial issues. Instead he uses the best available knowledge and research to give the reader richer insights into the core issues. His approach is characterized by a humble quest for truth. Sterile polemics and the, ‘I must always win’ approach is scrupulously avoided.

At once scholarly and wise, God willing, this book will have a transformative impact on both the lay reader and the specialist. It will appeal greatly to all Muslims who desire to see their faith renewed from within... Read More>>

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The Call of Modernity & Islam

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Praise For The Works Of Jamal Khwaja

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Here is a book written with a notable lucidity, characterized by wisdom and tolerance, and remarkable for the range and comprehensiveness of its survey. Prof. I.T. Ramsey, University of Oxford.

Khwaja has made weighty contribution to the debate on the reconstruction of Islam. Khwaja’s Quest for Islam is the approach of a philosopher… which laudably take into account the widened scope and sharpened tools of contemporary (admittedly, mainly British) scholarship. Prof. Christian W. Troll.

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