3) The Vision of An Unknown Indian Muslim

My Journey To Interfaith Spirituality

From the Back Cover:

“In this book I have recounted important facets of the story of my inner intellectual and spiritual growth. It is the story of how, a relatively, dogmatic model of Islam developed into the paradigm that I now accept.

In one sentence my journey has taken me from an honest acceptance that Muslims alone will win salvation to an equally honest acceptance of the beauty and validity of inter-faith spirituality.

More importantly, my reasons for accepting so are derived not merely from my study of philosophy, but also, and very much so, from the study of the Quran in the perspective of history.  My paradigm of Quranic Islam may be termed as ‘Spirit-centered Humanism’ to distinguish it from ‘Neutral or Scientific Humanism’. And I submit that this interpretation of Islam, which I have come to accept after years of thought and reflection, fully satisfies the most rigorous intellectual criteria.

In Part A, I give a brief account of my mental and spiritual growth at different stages of my life. In Part B, I briefly describe my image of India based on critical history.


I had the good fortune of coming into close contact with Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and other tall figures of modern India. It is my hope that my experiences will provide valuable food for thought and guidance to present and upcoming generations of patriotic Indians.

My work is not an autobiography in the traditional sense: rather it is the story of my personal evolution and transition from simple Islamic liberalism to inter-faith spirituality, with firm roots in the Quran and Theopathic Sufism.”...Read More>>

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The Vision of An Unknown Indian Muslim

Table of Contents



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Praise For The Works Of Jamal Khwaja

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Here is a book written with a notable lucidity, characterized by wisdom and tolerance, and remarkable for the range and comprehensiveness of its survey. Prof. I.T. Ramsey, University of Oxford.

Khwaja has made weighty contribution to the debate on the reconstruction of Islam. Khwaja’s Quest for Islam is the approach of a philosopher… which laudably take into account the widened scope and sharpened tools of contemporary (admittedly, mainly British) scholarship. Prof. Christian W. Troll.

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