Five Approaches To Philosophy

A Discerning Philosopher Philosophizes About The Philosophy Of Philosophy With Wisdom and Clarity

This monograph attempts to describe the different, approaches to philosophy, their situational and conceptual fields, their inter-relations and limitations. The possibility of combining them into, a multi-dimensional approach is also discussed.

The key notion underlying this essay is that the actual doing of philosophy must be rooted in a critical and comparative meta-philosophy. Most philosophers are so busy in establishing truths, or analyzing words and sentences, as the case may be, that they tend to neglect meta-philosophy. This leads to methodological isolationism and a polemical instead of an irenic approach to philosophical problems.

The point of departure of this study is the view that the problem of the nature of philosophy and of philosophical disagreement is not a preliminary enquiry but rather the central query of twentieth century thought. The author critically examines five broad approaches to philosophy; the religious, the metaphysical, the cultural, the analytical and the existentialist. He cautions against the adoption of a mono-dimensional approach and recommends a multi-dimensional answer to this basic question... Read More >>

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Five Approaches To Philosophy

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“Here is a book written with a notable lucidity, characterized by wisdom and tolerance, and remarkable for the range and comprehensiveness of its survey.” Prof. I.T.Ramsey, University of Oxford.

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Pages: 158

Trim Size:  6” x 9”

Date of PublicaTION:  2009

Book Genre:  NON-FICTION

AUDIENCE: Philosophy


“I found, it most interesting and informative and very clearly expressed.” Prof. C.D.Broad, University of Cambridge.

“It is a contribution to philosophical thinking.” Prof. N.A.Nikam, University of Mysore.

“It is a philosophical work of extraordinary merit, combining lucidity and profundity.” Prof. Prem Nath, University of Punjab.

“It shows real independent thought.” Prof. A.R.Wadia, University of Bombay.

“I congratulate you on its excellent content and clarity of exposition.” Prof. John Wisdom, University of Cambridge.

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