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Quest For Islam

A Philosopher’s Approach To Religion In The Age Of Science And Cultural Pluralism

Quest for Islam is a systematic exposition of Islam in the light of contemporary knowledge by a practicing Muslim. A seminal work, it successfully resolves intellectual difficulties created in traditional interpretations by new knowledge. Among other things it organically integrates core Islamic values with the requirements of plural societies and secular democracies. It thus adds a fresh dimension of value to the Islamic thought-cum-value system. It will appeal greatly to Muslim intellectuals perplexed by the assault of modernity on traditional values and institutions.

The Author argues that we must always be alive to the need for evolutionary growth and judicious innovation. In the global village, knowledge of how ‘they’ live is commonplace and comparisons are inevitably made. Consequently young Muslims have more questions than ever before for their elders. The “do as you are told”, and the “shut up and conform” responses are patently inappropriate. The quest for an ‘Islam For Our Times’ is, therefore a road that all thinking Muslims must travel with humility and abundant faith in the merciful guidance of God..Read More>>

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“His (Mr. Khwaja’s) is the most systematic and perhaps pioneering attempt to see Islam in the modern light.” Asghar Ali Engineer.


Quest For Islam

Table of Contents


Critical Review

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“Khwaja has made weighty contribution to the debate on the reconstruction of Islam. Khwaja’s Quest for Islam is the approach of a philosopher… which laudably take into account the widened scope and sharpened tools of contemporary (admittedly, mainly British) scholarship.” Prof. Christian W. Troll.

“Jamal Khwaja has carried the insights of Azad to the deepest levels and re-examined and reformulated the basic concepts of Islam in his masterly work, Quest for Islam.Lalit Uniyal.

“It (Quest for Islam) should create a desire among young Muslims in particular to face facts and not shirk issues.” Badruddin Tyabji.

“The book is… an effort much outside the beaten orbit, born of a vision which aims not at regeneration but at resurrection. Mr. Khwaja’s success cannot be overstated.” Amrita Bazar Patrika.

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