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Why should non-Muslims read this book, so obviously written by a Muslim for Muslims?

The horrifying specter of endless religious war is on the horizon. It is clear that inter-religious hatred feeds upon mutual ignorance. Respectful dialog is needed to build healing bridges. Instead, powerful lobbies are cynically vilifying Islam as the underlying cause of conflicts, which are actually rooted in greed and the secular politics of oil, occupation and economic injustice.

So how can non-Muslims really discover the real teachings of the Quran about war and more? How can they reliably extract “actionable” truths from the prevalent stereotypes, simplistic media bites and self-serving propaganda?

One solution is to monitor the internal debates raging inside the Islamic world itself.

In “Living The Quran In Our Times”, the author, a committed Muslim, who understands both the east and the west, wrestles mightily with the traumatic challenges created by the collision of traditional Islam and modernity.

Sensitive readers from all religious traditions will empathize with the author’s honest attempt at shaping the future of belief without compromising his noble heritage. In the process they will discover for them selves, the abundant convergences between Islam and their own tradition. Indeed, barriers break when people talk.

God willing, this book will bring peace to both the reader’s heart and politics. Read it.

The Author Talks About His New Book>>

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