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1. Historical Perspective And Unreason In Politics

A prominent and important politician declared some time ago that the ‘Babari Masjid’ was a ‘symbol of slavery’ and it ought to be removed or relocated from its present site  ….. Read More>>

2. Inter-religious Marriage: Some Objections Examined

In this article I wish to discuss the objections usually raised against the idea of inter-religious marriage. The prohibition against inter-religious marriage is dinned into our ears from childhood …
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3. Towards a Humanist Interpretation Of History And Politics

(This article was published in the Economic And Political Weekly, March 27, 2004) Viewed from a humanist perspective conflicts of the past begin to be seen as stages in the slow growth of the human family ….. Read More>>

4. What is Religious Fundamentalism?

The expression ‘religious fundamentalism’ first came into use in approximately 1920 in the USA as the name of a vigorous Christian movement to oppose Christian liberalism, which had earlier swept the Western world from the mid 19th century onwards. The fundamentalist looked upon the ongoing wave of liberal Christianity as a grave dilution of the very essentials or fundamentals of the Christian faith.. Read More>>

5. Sex, Morality and Islam

Sex morality has always been the central concern of all great religious and moral teachers. As we know, the ideal of chastity and the condemnation of adultery have dominated man's thinking from time immemorial. In fact until very recently... Read More>>

6. Religious Faith And Values: Eighteen Theses on Religion
The title says it all! .. Read More>>

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