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1. Seven Letters To My RSS Friend (August 15, 2002)

The author wrote these letters in the aftermath of the tragic events in the Indian State of Gujarat, where thousands of innocent souls were massacred in a frenzy of blood letting. 

1st Letter>>   2nd Letter>>   3rd Letter>>    4th Letter>>  

5th Letter>>   6th Letter>>    7th Letter>>

2. The Dream That Failed. My work, Living The Quran In Our Times has evolved over a long period of time and has been influenced by the spirit of the times in which I have lived, worked and matured – the second half of the 20th century. However, on September 11, 2001, when this work was in its final stages, the ‘world changed’ for George Bush, the President of America, the world’s sole super power, and so did the rules of international politics.

    As a result the ummah is now confronted with a whole new set of political challenges,    which cry out for peaceful resolution. This essay is my response to the events of September Eleven. Read More>>

3. History: Theory, Philosophy, and Wisdom

(Published in the Journal; Man and Society, 1983)

WISDOM has been traditionally linked, in almost all cultures, with philosophy and old age. What is the link between old age and wisdom? Well, the older a person grows, the greater the span and matrix of his concrete experience is likely to be.  Read More>>

4. Knowledge and Truth

The traditional philosophical problem is: What is the nature of knowledge/truth? This question assumes .. Read More>>

5.  A Linguistic Analysis of the Problem of Sense Perception

The problem of sense perception together with the theory of sense data was one of the most hotly debated philosophical issues of .. Read More>>

6.  Critique of Astrology
Many highly educated and professionally accomplished Indians (including eminent scholars and thinkers) believe that Astrology is a science and its practitioners make correct predictions on the basis of theories propounded by ancient seers and sages in India .. Read More>>

Reincarnation And The Modern Mind
The doctrine of 'karma’ and its corollary 'punarjanam' (rebirth or reincarnation) rather than the belief in ‘Ishwar’ (God), or in 'Brahman' (Ultimate Self-Existent Being) is the core and the common substratum of the Indian religious and philosophical tradition. Thus, even .. Read More>>

Sir Syed, Iqbal and Azad
Six outstanding Muslim religious thinkers and reformers during the last 150 years-- Sir Syed (d.1898), Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (d. 1908), Shibli Nomani (d.1914), Amir Ali (d.1928), Iqbal (d.  1938), and Abul Kalam Azad (d.1958) shaped the religious sensibility of the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent until roughly the first half of the 20th century. Thereafter, Abul Ala Mawdudi (d.1979) deeply.. Read More>>

Candid Reflections
Looking from a global perspective the 19th century was marked by Western imperialism, Christian apologetics and missionary activities, rapid growth of .. Read More>>

Some Random Personal Memories of  My Father A.M. Khwaja
My father was a man of great integrity, moral courage and intellectual clarity, though he had no pretensions to scholarship and was ..

Read More>>

11. The Islamic Vision of Sir Syed
Great religious thinkers attempt, from time to time, to distil the nuclear essence of a religious tradi tion from the tangled web of the socio-cultural environment of the religion concerned. Ram Mohan Roy, Vivekananda, Aurobindo, Tagore, Gandhiji and others performed this vital task for the Hindu tradition, while Tolstoy, Inge, Niebhur, Tillich and others for the Christian. More than a century ago Sir Syed did the same for Islam in a comprehensive and systematic manner ...

Read More>>

12. Iqbal’s Conception of God
Extracted from the ‘Iqbal Commemoration Volume’, Ghalib Academy, New Delhi,1978 ... Not Available

13. The Religious Revolution in the 18th Century and Islam
.. Not Available

14. Fine Art as a Value.

.. Not Available

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